An Adventure into Northern Ireland

This past weekend I had the chance to travel up to Northern Ireland and explore places like Belfast and Giant’s Causeway!

However, before Northern Ireland, my weekend began Thursday night in Dublin at the Olympia Theatre to see Walk the Moon in concert. The venue was great because it was small and quaint, but very packed. We were standing on the ground floor, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in the concert hall. Walk the Moon opened the concert to Disney’s “Circle of Life” song and the concert was nothing but amazing the rest of the night.


I can honestly say that Walk the Moon is one of the best concerts I have ever been too. Standing in the crowd, you could tell that these guys loved what they do and were thankful for being given the opportunity to perform all over the world.

The next day was crazy. It began with us running around Dublin trying to find our bus to Belfast and ended at a pub dancing with students from Queens University of Belfast.

We just so happened to walk into a pub that was holding a fundraiser from QUB. In Ireland, most universities have one week called Rag Week, which is basically charity week. During this week, the university has several different events occurring on campus in order to raise money for local charities. UL’s Rag week is next week!

So in this pub, after making a small donation, we were taught some traditional Irish dances. The dances were very simple to learn, but they were definitely a workout. After a few minutes of dancing, you would be drenched in sweat. But I didn’t care. We had the chance to meet other Irish students and have a fun night out after a stressful day of traveling.

The next day, we embraced tourism, and took a tour up to Giant’s Causeway on the Irish PaddyWagon tourbus. We had the chance to cross the Carrick-A-Rede Rope bridge, which was once used by fisherman to cross over and fish for salmon.


Eventually we made our way to Giant’s Causeway and heard the story about how the causeway was created. According to our bus driver, it was not created by volcanic eruptions over hundreds of years. Nope, it was created by a giant named Finn MacCool in order to cross over the waters and fight a Scottish Giant. The bus driver seemed very convinced.

Unfortunately, we weren’t welcomed by sunshine and clear skies at Mr. MacCool’s Causeway. Instead, we faced rain, 30 mph winds, and hail. I would say we were at the causeway for about 15 to 20 minutes before we couldn’t handle the weather anymore and retreated back to the cafe for hot chocolate and warmth. I do plan on visiting the causeway again once my parents and brothers come to visit!


Overall, we had a great weekend. It was nice being able to walk throughout the city that my Dad used to live in when he was in high school. Belfast is beautiful and the people are great.


I am so happy to have shared this weekend adventure with a group of friends who make the overall experience that much better.



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