Adventure to the Cliffs of Moher

I had the chance to visit the Cliffs of Moher this past weekend with all the other international students. It was more beautiful than I expected!

We were able to walk on the trails that had walls blocking off the cliff. But there were also unmarked trails that you could walk on to take you farther up the cliffs. These trails were thick in mud from the all the rain. Kids were coming back from the trails with mud all over their boots and up and down their legs. It was a test trying to avoid slipping and falling.

Another test was fighting the wind! My curly hair only ended up being more tangled than it already was and in knots because of the wind. If you weren’t careful, the wind would push you over the edge of the cliffs.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the islands that are sitting right of the Cliffs. The overcast weather kept these islands hidden. Luckily, not one drop of rain fell from the sky, and we all remained dry.

We had the chance to also visit an old fishing village. The village seemed empty, granted it was a Sunday. But it was a quaint town. The cottages in these villages have brightly colored doors and simple one story homes. You can even rent an Irish cottage just to experience living in the fishing village!DSCN0071DSCN0076

I definitely plan on visiting the Cliffs of Moher once more before I return home. I also hope to visit more of these small towns throughout Ireland. This trip is starting off very well!



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